The Infamous Social Media Post

Social media is a double-edged sword.  It’s a great way to get your work out into the world, connect with like-minded people, form new relationships, and play raunchy hashtag games.  It’s also a great way to run into trolls and rig elections.

I saw the birth and rise of social media from the day it came out of the cybernetic womb.  It was this nice, playful child before becoming an angry, emo teenager, and I still try to maintain the environment of the former.  That said, if you’re looking to stalk me on the inter-webs, you can find me at the following:


I got a Facebook.  You got a Facebook.  Yay!  We’re part of the Zuckercult!  This is my personal page, and I tend to keep it very restrictive, mostly posting blog posts and writerly things to the public.  I think of it as a necessary evil.  I’ve been on Facebook for over 13 years and I’m still figuring it out as a writer.

Fair warning, if you send a friend request and I don’t personally know you, you’re either going to be on the restricted list or I’ll have you waiting a while for a reply just to see what your tolerance threshold is.


Quite possibly my favorite social media platform.  Random thoughts.  Writing tips.  Connecting with others.  Hashtag games.  Memes.  This is my id.  I hardly delete any posts, so if I one day run for president, come here for the dirt.


Basically Facebook with lots of photos.  I only recently joined Instagram and I’m still figuring this out out too.  Mostly it’s food porn.


I was a big gamer as a kid, and as adulting has festered in my bone marrow, I’ve been looking to get back into it.  So I’ve decided to start live-streaming again to keep myself accountable.  I’ve also decided it would make for an interesting experiment to live-stream some of my writing sessions.

I’ve been on Twitch for about a year, but have taken a long break over the last few months.  For writing sessions, I’ll pick a short story prompt and draft it in real time, discussing process and other writing issues as I go along.

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