Coming Up For Air

I purposely set aside the blog the last couple of months to focus on revisions on my novel.  There were a couple of weeks where so much paper was scattered around my apartment that the only spot to sleep was my couch.  I’m glad to say that revisions are done and I’m able to catch my breath, but it also feels a little awkward not having something to focus on each evening.  Plus, with the COVID pandemic and worrying about how my family is doing health-wise, I really just haven’t felt the urge to talk about research, drafting, editing, and whatnot.  But I suppose it is high time I gave an update.


With my novel revised and sent to beta-readers, I’ve taken it easy this last week.  I haven’t even written a grocery list.  In addition to hunting for the next novel idea, I’d really like to get some short stories in the works.

The State of the Blog

I’ve been doing a little soul-searching today on what I want this blog to be and how I want it to evolve.  One blog that’s been an inspiration to me is Future War Stories, and excellent site featuring expansive and thorough articles on various aspects of military science-fiction.  It has several ongoing series to the point where they could focus on specific categories throughout the week, generate a steady output of content, and have plenty on the backlog so as not to run out of ideas.  I’ve thought about doing something similar for my site with a series on writing tools, genre topics, and what we can learn from specific works, but it kept feeling forced and artificial.  Of course, something like that could come up in the future – I’m a never say never kind of person – but right now, it doesn’t feel authentically me.

Eating Knowledge

Another thing I’m trying to get through it updating my research library, and most of that is screening documentaries.  At the moment, I’ve got over a hundred programs and nearly two hundred hours backed up.  Not going to elaborate too much on it just yet, but yeah, I’m intimidated.

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