The Drought in My Head

Five!  Four!  Three!  Two!  One!  Happy New Year!  Blast off!  Bombs away!  Geronimo! Whatever you want to call it, January unleashes a plague of optimism, doesn’t it?  That’s how I felt on New Year’s Eve.  It was like the unveiling of a new Apple product.  The iYear.  2019 is going to be the greatest thing […]

The End (of 2018) Is Nigh!

This is likely my last post before the end of the year as we say goodbye to the rascally rabbit that is 2018. 2018 has been, for me, largely a year of uncertainty and fear, an extreme creative drought, a lot of personal drama, but a few good memories.  I’ve done a lot of soul-searching […]

My 5 Favorite Reads of 2018

2018 has been a year of some great reading.  I’ve reread some old favorites and gotten exposure to some new titles too.  Here are my top picks. Feed by Mira Grant (pub. 2010) A thriller about pair of reporters Georgia and Shaun Mason covering a presidential election set in post-apocalyptic America after a zombie outbreak.  […]

It’s Just Not Right Right Now

It happened again.  I had two binders full of outline material to whittle down, and it collapsed under it’s own weight tonight.  And now it’s shredded remains are festering in my trash can. I’ve been trying to crack a science fiction novel for seven years since grad school.  I’ve been thinking about doing an epistolary […]

The Obligatory Notebook Post

Notebooks are how I collect my thoughts and get my head together.  Not just any notebook will do.  I can be a snob about them.  I can spend hours poring over them before I find just the right one for a particular use.  Sometimes, I’ll even get one notebook to test out and destroy before […]

Cleaning House

My kitchen isn’t a nightmare, but it wasn’t planned out either, not like the kitchen I grew up in. That was a true gem; a double-oven, a massive refrigerator (three, actually, if you include the two we had in the garage), a wide stove, mixers, blenders, and enough knives to hold Paris hostage.  The pantry […]

Starting Fresh

I’m not a very happy person. I’ve had bouts of depression for a solid 10-15 years, with a couple of really bad periods over the last five.  Social media exacerbated it.  I know the filter of perfection is just an illusion – the globetrotting trips, the awesome concerts, those really annoying banners with inspirational quotes […]